Condolences for Dr. Jude C. Ogugua

Phyllis Amazu posted on 1/13/23

Jude, Nwanne mmadu! A good husband and father you were. Kind and generous, a friend that quickly became part of our Springfield family. We had good times. We made wonderful memories and had plans for much more. When the storm came, you fought with every ounce of your being. We bore witness to your deep faith and were inspired by your resilience. We walked with you and prayed together. God knows best and chose to call you home. We will forever cherish our time together. Rest In Peace my brother. Chisom, Chibueze and Chikamso will always be family. Phyllis Amazu.


Carmelle Djossou Daouda posted on 1/12/23

May his soul rest in Peace. So touching and painful to see such a good and talented person leaving us.


Kosisochi Ogechukwu Onwuameze posted on 1/11/23

Uncle Jude, was such a good admirable person. Every single time him and his family came to our house they always brought positive energy, bringing smiles on everybody’s faces. For me personally he was wonderful uncle from sending me off to IMSA and giving me advice that I still carry to this day. From him also being there when I received my cap and gown, he was an uncle I can always count on to be there for all my milestones. Thank you so much uncle, for being there for me. I hope your soul Rest In Peace.


Bishop B C Nwuche posted on 1/10/23

Thank God that I am part of the people God used to bring you to the knowledge of the truth. I know that the revelation of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ which I imparted to you before you left will by his grace bring you face to face with Christ. I know he went to be with the Lord smiling over his enemies because it was an opportunity to go and rest with the Lord. I know he didn't die but resting at the bosom of the Lord, therefore we give all the glory to God. We use this opportunity to invite those who have not received Jesus into their lives as Lord and Savior to do so. Pray this prayer with me, Lord Jesus come into my heart, be my Lord and personal Savior, forgive me all my sons, write my name in the book of Life, cancel my name in the book of death. Thank you Lord for saving me for I prayed in Jesus name, amen.


Folasade posted on 1/10/23

So touching, unbelievable, may his soul rest in peace


Amaka obaah posted on 1/10/23

You were a gentle and kindhearted person,we did our nursing together in bida,Niger state Nigeria,we were close friends with you, Sam okoh, Sani, Madam Grace, Justina and so on,we created a whatapp platform 2 to 3 years back you were a bit active and later stopped we never knew that something was wrong(health challenge) some times I chat you up but no response, your demise came us as shock,we love you but God loves more,may your soul rest in peace and may the Lord console your wife, children,aged parents, siblings,friends and colleagues.


Obinna Amazu posted on 1/10/23

Penning down words to eulogize a dear departed friend isn't the easiest thing to accomplish, however it would only be nice to let the world know what a kind- hearted and positive person Jude was. For us who knew him, it was very easy to see how positive, cheerful and optimistic he was, and how he radiated these virtues with such a calm demeanor. Jude was a perfect gentleman, an exemplary father and a doting husband. He was my friend of whom I shared a similar traditional upbringing, profession, faith, language and love for football among other things. Jude was soft spoken but wise, gentle but a go-getter and unassumingly charitable. Memories he left us with are only positive, and I say this with all sincerity. I know he's in God's bosom, safe and devoid of any infirmity ,while watching over the wonderful family he left behind. Rest on my beloved friend and colleague, you have earned eternal rest.


Opara primus posted on 1/9/23

May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace Amen. We will miss you greatly. Adieu.


Oyoyo Egiebor-Aiwan posted on 1/9/23

Jude my brother, friend, and colleague, Mere words alone can't describe how your demise has saddened my heart. I can still remember the last words you told me along the hallway in the clinic "my sister these medications are dealing with me please pray for me". Even in your pain and struggle, you still made it to work to care for your patients. I remember the day you stayed on the phone with me for almost an hour trying to help me figure out a problem that I had with the EMR at work and even called after to check if I was okay. Your selflessness, kindness, and humility were second to none. You would always consider others before yourself. I'm glad I was able to call you my friend and be with you throughout your trying times. If tears and prayers could bring you back I'm sure you would be with us today. Like they say, who are we to question God almighty? Every one of us at SIU Psychiatry Department misses you. My consolation is that I am certain that you are in a better place resting, devoid of all the pain, sadness, and wickedness of this world. Chisom, Chibueze, and Chikamso will continue to be family to me. Keep on resting my brother, till we meet to part no more.


Adaobi Ibeachum (Nee Nweze) posted on 1/9/23

A golden heart stopped beating, hard working hands now rest. God broke our hearts to prove to us.....He only takes the best. Jude though you are no more with us, but your legacy lives on! Rest on in the bosom of the Lord my brother, until that resurrection morning when we shall all meet to part no more. I pray that God will comfort your wife, children, parents, siblings and everyone mourning your irreparable loss. Amen.


Pst.Elochukwu Josiah Igbokwe posted on 1/9/23

Jude, the little I got to know about you, you were a man of consistent faith against all hope! You saw the glory and joy of the kingdom of God where you belonged , yet you chose to fight to stay with us even with the excruciating pain that only you understood the gravity. Then one day you were overwhelmed with the glory and joy of the kingdom,hence you entered into His glory and rest knowing fully well we all shall meet again to depart no the city of joy and peace....wherein there's no more pain and fear!


Iyke Abagana posted on 1/9/23

What a shock to hear about your demise. Am really short of words. What will I say or write other than to ask God to take care of your wife and children and by extension your aged father,mother and your siblings. May your gentle soul rest in peace. Amen


Rev. Fr. Innocent Ifeanacho Egbunike posted on 1/9/23

I wish to commiserate with the Family of Late Dr. Jude Ogugua over the death of our son and brother, Jude. The news of his demise sounds unrealistic to me. I still perceive it as a dream. Oh! Is that why death still remains a mystery. Let's be consoled, for our faith holds that this life is transitory. We are all pilgrims while on earth, our home is in heaven where we experience no sickness, no sorrow, no rivalry and no death. May Jude be granted kind admittance into God's kingdom.


Chief Robert & Onyinye Onyewuchi posted on 1/7/23

May the soul of Dr. Jude Ogugua Rest in Perfect Peace. Jude and family were great family friends. This honorable man, Jude, was good hearted, generous, honest, always loving, and adorable, to all who came in contact with him. Onyinye and I, will miss him tremendously. To Chisom the wife; Chibueze and Chikamso, the two lovely children; we say take heart. Remember, “those we love are never really lost, for they will forever remain in our memories.” Rest in Peace Jude, until resurrection morning, according to the scriptures, when we shall all meet again.


Fred Akiya posted on 1/7/23

Jude was and will always remain my best buddy. Got to the family back in 1990 and because of Jude care and love, I was taken as a son by his parents till today. I can't express all here because his kindness are endless, just like my wife stated they took her in when she came to the States and did more for my new born son in 2019. We conducted businesses together and I will miss him greatly. May HIS SOUL REST IN PERFECT PEACE THROUGH OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR.


Gabriel Ogugua posted on 1/7/23

Oh Death, where is thy sting. My brother is finally gone to rest with his maker. My good brother, Dr. Jude Chinedu Ogugua, God knows how you fought to be alive despite the many struggles and pains, but it has pleased God to call you home. Yes, we spoke on video and you narrated how you were suffering in pains and you asked that we remember you in our prayers, we have been praying to God to show you mercy but what can we mortals do. It is God's will. You were never alone during this struggle as your wife and siblings takes their time to be with you at every minute. It was a glorious home call as we all assembled by your bed side praying before you left to be with your creator. One consolation in my heart is that you lived a Godly life I have no doubt that you are already resting in the bossom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Heavenly Kingdom welcomes an Angel You are one brother who never forgot about me and very generous to those in need. Many people were calling that they have not heard from you for their yearly Xmas gift, only to receive the shocking news. Death you have done your worst. Your memory lives on with us. May God Almighty grant your soul eternal rest until we meet to part no more Still love you brother


Nonyelum Ezeamii - Onwumere posted on 1/7/23

Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” – Isaiah 41:10 “Come to me, all who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” – Matthew 11:28 Chisom, May you be comforted by the outpouring of love surrounding you.


Chizoba Anyansi posted on 1/7/23

No grief is greater than departure of a kind man, yes! that's Dr Jude, your actions were always kind, a generous hand and active mind, I will really miss your words of encouragement, thank you for coming into our lives. Where ever you are, i know you are in a much better place looking down at your wife and kids leading them into light. My husband best cousin... you will be always be remembered in our hearts and prayers. Continue to rest in the Lord my brother in-law.


Paddy posted on 1/7/23

Is too hard for me to say goodbye my lovely brother, i can't find another you I love you brother, but God loves you more.


Bethel Okonkwo posted on 1/7/23

All Glory to God for the existence of a life full of love, kindness, peace and humility! It's quite hard to forge ahead regardless of the fact that we must all return to our Creator! It still remains a mystery why certain things happen but we can't question our Creator. We thank God for a great life well lived!


Dr Edward Okonkwo posted on 1/7/23

We take condolence in that their is a ressurection morning for all that slept believing in Jesus Christ as Lord and savior. Your departure hurts us as a family because you were such a loving , humble person ,and friendly soul , sweet to relate with. It remains very well with you . All glory to God for your contribution to humanity. You


Amaka Ezeanwu posted on 1/7/23

Am so lost here. A genuine man of peace is gone. I can't forget how he hosted I and my husband in Chicago In 2016. Jude may your soul find perfect rest


Amaka Yvonne Fred-Akiya posted on 1/7/23

Sooo lost for words...... so heart wrenching . Jude and his wife took me into their home from Nigeria in February 2019, when i came to give birth. Took care of me like a family... ( more than a family would). I lacked nothing. My son's first clothes, car seat, stroller and many more they did for us. I'm seriously lost for words. May the Almighty grant his soul eternal rest and give his loved ones the fortitude to bear this loss.


Aigbe Uwadiale posted on 1/7/23

Jude Kai! Na so you just Waka go? This life no make sense bro! God why? Why is it the the truly good ones don't live long. Why? This hurts me to the depths of my soul. It hurts badly. This is such a monumental loss. I looked to you completing your residency bro. Your success was deserving. You were one of the good ones. Humble, driven, hardworking, family oriented, always positive. Loved in the ER at Advocate Trinity and Ingalls Urgent Care. Baba God you owe his wife and kids big time Lord! It's not up to mere mortals to question the Lord God, so forgive me Lord, but I can't help but ask why? Why Jude of all people, why so young? I saw how hard this man worked! I saw his dedication to his family. For those of us left behind, let's be humbled with gratitude for life. It's only by God's Grace and Mercy. Jude was a better man. He deserved to be here. My only consolation is that he must be in a better place. Rest with the Lord bro.


Chinelo Ike-Okoye posted on 1/7/23

The first time i met Dr Jude Ogugua was years back when he visited Nigeria in company of his sis my friend ifeanyi. I stood face to face with a selfless person whose heart desires is helping, saving and caring for people. He has a heart that cares completely. He was so gentle and has this unique smile that gives one the comfort that everything is going to be okay. Indeed angels are made in heaven to live on earth and Jude was one of such angels. At his death, earth has lost and heaven gained. Grieve not for him , he is in a better place where the Almighty has prepared for him. My heartfelt condolence to the Ogugua family. Rest in perfect peace Jude.



Louis posted on 1/7/23

Sad loss, May God grant the family the fortitude to bear the loss


Ifeanyi Duru (nee Ogugua) posted on 1/7/23

Dr.Jude Ogugua is an angel in human form. So dear and kind hearted, motivator and loving person, always willing to help someone in need, very peaceful, knows how to calm storms in someone's life. We love you so dearly. Oh God can we really be consoled .May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace in Jesus name Amen.


Adaobi Udeichi (Nee Ogugua) posted on 1/7/23

Dr Jude Ogugua nwannem, an Angel in human form. I call you an angel because your love, kindness, generousity is out of this world. Your death is a very big blow to us. Our consolation is that you fought a good fight of faith to the end and undoubtedly I know you are in the Bossom of our Lord. Rest in peace ezigbo madu. Dalurine for the honor to have as my brother .God rest your soul once again


Adaobi Udeichi (Nee Ogugua) posted on 1/7/23

Dr Jude Ogugua nwannem, an Angel in human form. I call you an angel because your love, kindness, generousity is out of this world. Your death is a very big blow to us. Our consolation is that you fought a good fight of faith to the end and undoubtedly I know you are in the Bossom of our Lord. Rest in peace ezigbo madu. Dalurine for the honor to have as my brother .God rest your soul once again.


Ngozi Udeh posted on 1/7/23

The first time I met you was during your wedding to my friend Chisom, you were full of life , friendly and kind. Your personality exudes strength and courage and I’m sure that’s what you expect from people that knew you . I’m also sure you are in a better place than this pitiful world. May you continue to rest in power . Amen!


Chinedu Ofokansi posted on 1/7/23

Jude my friend and brother. Journey well until we meet again. You will be greatly missed. May God grant him eternal rest. My prayers go out to his close family and friends.


Ike Ama posted on 1/7/23

Memories of st. Lucia and the love shared is still fresh in my mind....It still feels like yesterday. Although I write this with a heavy heart, your funny dance steps/moves will always put a smile on my face. It was really nice getting to know you and learn from you. You left too soon, but you will always be loved. Rest in peace brother!


oladunni ogun posted on 1/7/23

It still feels so surreal but comforted that you are in a better place. Rest in peace ‘my neighbor’