Condolences for Barbara J. Nation

George King posted on 3/27/14

To Norm and Family: Humor, poetry and honest feelings will always form my lasting memories of Barb. She was one of the most genuine souls I have ever had the pleasure to work with. No pretensions or political agenda. Just unvarnished Barb. Of particular enjoyment to me would be her gentle scolding when I or another one of the PR staff would submit to Clay a draft document containing a grammatical error. She was our loved, in-house Thesaurus. God comfort you all in this time of grieving. George King


Bruce Lund posted on 3/25/14

"Bubbles", her website name, Truly describes Barb Nation. Barb was my Administrative Assistant when I was Deputy Executive Secretary of the IEA. There is no doubt, I was truly blessed to have her work alongside of me during turbulent times for the IEA. Together, we were able to pull the IEA out of the doldrums of membership turmoil. It was sometimes a rocky road, but we were successful, due to her dedication and persistent support. THANKS BARB! Along with her long list of talents, Barb always presented an upbeat attitude, even in the darkest times. She had our office organized and created an upbeat atmosphere. Some days we never knew what Barb would do - she continually surprised us. Even in retirement Barb continued her IEA involvement even though she began to have health problems. She wrote and edited an IEA Newsletter that she distributed to all IEA retirees. I treasure her book of poems that she produced. I truly wish I could be in attendance at her funeral but we are in Florida until May. All I can say is THANKS BARB, WE LOVE YOU, GOD BLESS!


Linda Nass posted on 3/25/14

Barb was a one of a kind person. From the first time we met she treated me like a part of her life and family. I will miss my friend. I truly wish I had known her longer.


Deb Selby posted on 3/24/14

Dear Norm, Amy, & Gale; Mom (Angie Severns) and I just want to send our heartfelt condolences to your family. Your Mom was a Beautiful Soul and we were so honored to know her. We know that she suffered greatly in the last few years of her life and have absolutely no doubt that she is with the Heavenly Angels singing & has found true Peace at last. God Bless you all.


Paul Klenck posted on 3/24/14

Barb was a wonderful, bright, warm presence at IEA. One of her many traditions was presenting an Ode to all staff members at their retirement. She continued this even after her own retirement! This picture is of her delivering her Ode to Ginny Vehnekamp in 2004. Barb will be greatly missed.


Mary A Albers posted on 3/24/14

Amy, Katie sends her condolences and prayers. She remembers vividly how kind your Mom was to her during the flute choir years and was sad to hear of your loss. A truly special lady who gave generously of her time and talents.


Carol Morgan posted on 3/24/14

Rest in peace. Carol & Brian Morgan


Sue Eggleston posted on 3/23/14

Hey, sis, I am certainly going to miss you, but just wanted you to know that you are one brave, courageous lady. With all the pain and suffering you experienced, you never complained or cried one tear. I believe God saw you were getting tired and said your time on earth is done. I also know that with receiving the last rites four times, you are certainly going to be on the upstairs elevator looking down on us. You will be our angel in heaven. Say hi to mom and dad, Tom, and Rick from Dick and I. Love you bunches, Sue


Gale posted on 3/23/14

I never knew a more wonderful or special person.