Condolences for Sharon R. Irving

Becky Kennah posted on 4/13/14

I met Amy in 2nd grade so I pretty much grew up in Bob and Momma Sharon's house...every weekend the majority of the time ethier I was at their house or Amy was at mine...from the moment I meant Momma she welcomed me into her home with Love...she was always there if I needed something...thru the years she became my 2nd mom...when I was 15 we moved out of state bt we never lost touch....I could still pick up the phone and it be like we never left...when we did move back in Oct. and went to their house for dinner it was like I had never moved and momma and Bob had never met my babies and still they were their "adopted" grand babies I only wish my 3 babies could have had more time to experience the love their Grandma Sharon had...even right before she passed we took the kids to see her and she got the biggest smile on her face and was playing with my lil ones feet....I just pray she knows what an Impact she had on their life's and I will always make sure they never forget who their grandma Sharon was....Momma you are already missed more than u will ever know and even though seeing u the last time was probley the hardest thing I have ever done I'm glad I did....I'll never remember you like that I'll only remember you with that heart of gold and big smile....Thank you isn't enough for all you did for me! To Dad, Amy, Renee, Trudy & Judy I have no words....this is such an incredible loss for you all and you will always be in my thoughts and prayers....I'm here if you all need me! thank you for allowing me to be there with you all at the end! In the words of my 6 & 5 yr olds "Mommy when it rains and thunders that means Grandma Sharon is up in heaven getting strikes" Fly high momma you will live in my heart forever and always!


virginia Farrell posted on 4/13/14

I never knew Sharon, but do know many of her relatives originally from WS. Seems like old time and old friends keep going. My condolences. God Bless All! Virginia Farrell, Kenosha, Wisconsin


Barry C Caldwell Sr posted on 4/13/14

knew sharon since second grade, rest in peace sharon!!


Nancy Guss posted on 4/12/14

I am so sorry for your loss. Sharon was a childhood friend of my sister growing up. She will be missed.


Diane Cornett posted on 4/12/14

I Knew Sharon From School...She Was A Sweetheart ! My Prayers Are With All Of You !


Lori Black posted on 4/12/14

My prayers are with the family I'm going to miss my childhood best friend the memories live on


Amy Talkington posted on 4/11/14

Bob and family, I am so sorry for you loss. Please know that you are all in my prayers. Sharon was a sweet, caring, and most of all loved her family.


Dee Eilman posted on 4/11/14

To the entire Irving family, my heartleft sympathy goes out to all of you. Our families have shared so much together over the years. Sharon was a caring, loving person to everyone. She will be dearly missed!! Please know that we are here for all of you!! Love always,


Carol Baggerly posted on 4/10/14

Bob, Renee, Amy, Judy, Trudy Deepest Condolences on the loss of Sharon I will always have fond memories of being neighbors and friends and her love of Siamese Cats Love Always Carol and Jeff Baggerly