Condolences for James “JR” Robert Gatschenberger


Jackie your sister posted on 5/8/21

I am thinking about you but then again I always am but today is particularly hard. I miss you and I know you're okay and I just wanted to tell you I love you


Tina Davidson posted on 5/17/20

Sudi, I am so very sorry for your loss. There are no words that express how we feel but please know my heart goes out to you. Tina


Susan Gatschenberger Hansen posted on 5/17/20

My brother, I call him Jimmy. I remember when he was working at Prudential, I called him & they put me on hold. When he got on the phone he was huffing & laughing & said, "They announced over the ofc intercom, 'Jimmy Gatschenberger you have a phone call'. Haha, got him. We had a great time growing up. We used to go water skiing together alot. He would always end up driving as fast as he could. I'd get so mad, skiing & yelling, "slow down!" But I really loved it because, well, I survived LOL, & it was a real rush. He made me stronger. He took me to Shaheen's Raceway once & introduced me to his friends. I felt so cool & proud. In our younger years he always had a hotrod car. He pulled up in this awesome car once & he was on the phone, he looked like James Bond. The car had a phone in it & that was early '80s! Because of him, we rode a waverunner for the first time at the lake. He played Santa Claus at Christmas for his little cool. Many times he made us laugh. A time, he was our family light. He had tremendous flare, & he was a great dancer. I have a picture of he & I dancing at the Elks. He'd say, 'follow my lead'...he was special. I'll always remember those good times. My heart hurts, but I'm glad he's not in pain anymore & he's with Mom & Dad. Goodbye to my big brother I love you. -szq & Kenny Cool


Veronica Akin posted on 5/13/20

Sue and family, so sorry to hear the loss of your brother. You are in my thoughts and prayers.



Laura Catherwood posted on 5/13/20

Sudi & JR were the sweetest dancers at our downtown events! I’ll always remember that! Laura Catherwood


Bonnie Miller posted on 5/12/20

I’m so sorry for your loss.


Kathy Bacon posted on 5/12/20

I am deeply sorry to hear of your families loss. I hold each and everyone of you in my heart and prayers for peace and comfort during this very difficult time.


Tammy Hackler posted on 5/12/20

Sudi, Randy and I are so sorry to hear about JR. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.