Condolences for William “Bill” Ray Grove

Gary Schumaker posted on 5/14/20

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Bill and Donna have been a second set of parents to me. Not long after meeting them in the early 80’s, I ended up briefly living with them (twice!). Hospitality and generosity are as natural to them as breathing. Bill was a source of comic relief, pontificating wisdom and unconditional love that made him utterly irresistible. He unapologetic owned his own soul, didn’t suffer fools, and cared about and supported underdogs....all with an inimitable style. Easily one of the all time favorite, most loved people I’ve known in 60 years, To have had him not just in my life, but there as a sort of father, friend, counselor has been an indescribable gift. The world is not going to be the same.


Lori Markey posted on 5/14/20

Exceptional memories of an exceptional human. I will treasure my times and talks with him always. Those stories will live in my heart forever❤️


Julie and Donn Klor posted on 5/10/20

We finally remember lots of laughs with Bill and Donna as Bill and Donn would play tricks on one another or make fun of one another. They were just too cute together!! And surely God has taken his big heart into his heavenly arms....We will miss him and we'll continue our prayers for Donna and their beautiful family!!!


David Dahlkamp posted on 5/9/20

Patricia and I send our condolences to Donna and her family. Bill was a good friend and card player. I sure will miss two dollar Friday's.


Dennis and Evie Eldridge posted on 5/8/20

When I think of Bill I automatically smile. He acted or sounded tough but never to us. He was fun and funny. His Christmas letters were the best. He will be greatly missed. Sorry for your loss.



Nancy (Parker) Alguire posted on 5/8/20

So many wonderful, fun memories of My Cousin, Bill. He was so kind, thoughtful and caring, and what a sense of humor. He loved life and family. My Mother always considered him another Son. Thoughts and Prayers to Donna , Jodi, Ross Robyn and Jill and your families.


Meg Schnake Notch posted on 5/8/20

Fondly recalling the good hearted laughter, as well as somber truth provided through Jill, via her Dad! Nothing ever truly goes away, only changes form



Kathy Stone posted on 5/7/20

I did not know Bill, but Robin has related many funny and interesting stories to myself and other coworkers. Rest In Peace. Prayers for you and your family.


Connie Bourland posted on 5/7/20

Dear Jill and family. He was so well loved and loved so well. A great man with a great family. Feeling your pain and and know that it will ease with wonderful memories you all created.


Kathy Jo Stuva posted on 5/7/20

To Jill and family. You have my deepest sympathy in the loss of your dad. ❤️



Bri vogel posted on 5/7/20

Prayers to all his family and friend’s. What a gift to have been married to him for so many years Donna.



Bri vogel posted on 5/7/20



Joe Ciaccio posted on 5/7/20

Donna please accept my condolences on Bill's passing. I have known Bill for several years as part of the morning crew at the downtown YMCA. A wonderful collection of characters who not only got along, but enjoyed each other's company. Bill is right up there at the top. He gave as good as he got. I shall miss him greatly.


joe mcmahon posted on 5/7/20

Donna and family, as a morning Y guy, please accept condolences on Bill's passing. Please know that all fellas at the "Y" appreciated Bill's stories and wit--truly a character. Death ends a life but not all the great relationships Bill developed during his lifetime. He will be missed but his stories and one-liners will live on. Truly a good friend and solid person.


Mary von Liski posted on 5/7/20

Heartfelt sympathy, caring thoughts, prayers. He will always be your hero and always in your hearts. Wishing the family and friends: a song in your hearts; sunshine after the clouds; a rainbow after the rain; cherished memories; peace.


Larry Wedding posted on 5/7/20

The last time I visited Bill, he said “ 86 is a pretty good number, I can’t complain “. Bill faced death like he faced life - with good natured reality and no regrets. He was an iconic fixture with the AM Y Guys and was always a source of advice, humor (sometimes on the ribald side) and caustic comments when I hit him for a contribution. He never turned me down. Bill, the downtown Y will never be the same without you.



Sharon Leatherman posted on 5/7/20

Bill will be missed by his family, friends and all the hearts he touched. We will always remember his sense of humor and original way that he saw his world. Thank you Bill for the contribution to humankind. You always made me laugh.


thomas burk posted on 5/7/20

Donna ,Jill and family. Bill enjoyed telling jokes and stories with a group of us standing around his locker at the Y . He was proud of his family and many times showed pictures of his children and grandchildren's athletic or academic achievements. Bill told once" I lived a great life longer then some" don't tell my family how sorry you are for my passing. Donna and Jill , Bill was special and I know how you miss him as we all will .


The Valenti Family posted on 5/6/20

Bill was a really good guy! When we were with him we reflected on the things he would say to make us laugh. He made others feel good with his wit and take on life. -He was an icon! Bill’s ism’s were a reminder of all of our own Dads growing up. The world is not a better place without him! Sadly missed by all!


Jonna Cooley posted on 5/6/20

Jill, Mrs. Grove, and family - I am so sorry for your loss. Every time I had the chance to be around Mr. Grove he always said something that made me laugh. He was a character for sure! He leaves an amazing legacy through the many lives he touched.


Laurie Dvorak posted on 5/6/20

There was never one time that stuck out as the best because every time I had the pleasure of being around Bill he said something worthy of being repeated to others because it was so funny. He continually made you think and reevaluate your ideas. I loved this man and will miss him dearly. May he Rest In Peace and may his family find comfort in all these amazing memories of him.



Charlie Brown posted on 5/6/20

Sharon and I send our condolences to Bill’s family. He was a great friend and the luckiest poker player I ever knew.