Condolences for Nancy Joan Doyle Shea

Susan Phillips Coker posted on 10/29/19

I can remember Aunt Nancy's laugh. It waas contagious. I also remember a gift from Aunt Nancy. She very shyly offered me a nice wooden plaque with the Prayer of St. Francis printed on it. It is still my favorite prayer! I also remember visiting her in Girard, IL with my Mom. Carol. We stopped to get hamburgers at a resturant and shared them with Aunt Nancy. What a great faith she had. Rest in Peace


Barb Stelte posted on 10/29/19

My sister, Nancy was taught by our grandmother to offer up to God anything and everything. It could be a skinned knee, an illness or an unkindness from someone. She would say they were all opportunities to store up graces in heaven. No matter the disappointments, sorrows and sufferings that came her way, which Nancy had many. Nancy knew to offer them up to God to seek His strength. Nancy left this world rich in stored up graces. Nancy lost, her sight, her hearing her memories, her children, her grandchildren and three siblings but not her faith. Those who took care of her said she a kind and sweet lady which she was her whole life but if you could still see that inspite of her illness that speaks volumes for Nancy. In the end it's about you and God. We were born alone and we die alone. Our soul is the Divine part of us retuning to God. Earthly inheritance is things . Heavenly inheritance is stored up grace. We are to seek holiness on earth and happiness in heaven. Nancy did.


Lisa Rothschild posted on 10/24/19

Beautiful picture of my Aunt Nancy. I remember my mom saying how popular and beautiful Nancy was known in School. My mom said Nancy would have these beautiful sweaters and such a beautiful complexion. I remember when Nancy dropped by in her beige Volkswagon bug at our duplex. She loved her family and grandchildren. She would talk about them often. She often had one of them with her in that car. When I was little I remember when all of us would go out for a milk shake( usually a treat after my doctor appointment). I know how hard it is to be with someone in that their last moments as I was with both my Gamma and my mom. I remember Nancy's voice and her laugh. She was Always so sweet. Rest in Peace Aunt Nancy. You are now home with your family you loved so dearly.


Nancy Katus posted on 10/21/19

As Nancy's neice, I remember her sense of humor, her faith & love & care of her children. May she be at peace & rest. Thanks Aunt Barb for sharing her last moments. Love to all