Condolences for George W. Ecklund

Ellis Arjmand posted on 4/22/19

I had weekly piano lessons with Mr Ecklund from the time that I was 8 years old until I was 18, and with his guidance competed in many competitions - several of them rather anxiety inducing. Though I was never as serious in my musical studies as my sister, and not nearly as accomplished, George and I had a lot of fun talking about music (including my interest in the saxophone), baseball (disappointingly for him I was a Cubs fan), and fishing. He was a wonderful, kind man with a great sense of humor who taught us to love music and to pursue excellence. I have very fond memories of our hours together.


Susan Arjmand posted on 4/13/19

Mr Ecklund was my piano teacher for a total of about 12 years. I started when I was 8 years old and stayed until college and then returned to study with him again after college. He was the formative influence in my musical life. My 3 siblings also took lessons from him for many years. In this way he became an important part of our childhood. Many years of Il Music Federation annual competitions.....many gold cups. God bless him. His pursuit of excellence and exacting standards left a profound impact that has stayed with me to this day. His upbeat personality and the joy he took in the simple things of life offered other important lessons to his many students. The Springfield music community was the better for his presence here and it is the poorer today. May he Rest In Peace.


Margaret Mahoney posted on 4/13/19

Ecklund family, I’m very sorry for your loss. Mr. Ecklund was my piano teacher from 1969-1977. He demanded excellence and gave me a love of music and the ability to play well. Thank you for your dedication and wonderful spirit.


Kim Votsmier posted on 4/12/19

George was my piano teacher during my time at Lincoln Land Community College.....he always pushed for excellence. He was a wonderful teacher. To family...thinking of you.


GREG MCCOLLUM posted on 4/11/19

George was my piano teacher from 1957-1965. He called me a couple years ago to ask me if I was still playing. I said yes, but if he hadn't put up with my laziness, I would have probably given it up. God bless George for his patience and unwavering commitment to his students and to music. A wonderful man has left this earth.


Cathy Cragoe posted on 4/11/19

I was sorry to learn of the passing of Mr. Ecklund. He was my piano teacher for 8 years and also taught my brother and sister. He was a great teacher , and helped me develop a love of music that still continues today. I will never forget that red crayon marker that he used to write on your music, as you never wanted to get too many markings. I always enjoyed the new sheet music he picked out. I am thankful for all his knowledge, kindness and expertise. Please accept my deepest sympathy. Cathy Cragoe