Condolences for Fern M. Wieland

Shirley L Mitchell posted on 8/23/18

Fern and Bill were like aunt and uncle to the 3 girls of Lynn and Janice Richards of Illinois originally. I remember when they came to Houston Tx to visit my mom and dad and they introduced me to General Foods instant flavored coffee. But when we still lived in Illinois ,we went to their house and me and my twin at age of about 4yrs old got ahold of and alcohol beverage that the grown ups were having and we were trying to get on a swingset and just couldnt stay on our feet to do so,i think of that often. Fern and Bill were sweet loving people,their often thought of and always brings a smile to our face.



James and Kim's Strickland posted on 8/23/18

I'm so sorry Willie and Brenda for your loss