Condolences for Judith Kay Powell

Janice Eaken posted on 8/10/11

Judy and I attended junior high and high school together. I remember going to a few sock hops with her. We had lost contact until a year ago.I am so glad we reconnected last summer at a family gathering . My prayers are with heather and Therese of her family through theirtime of grief.


Amy Shipman posted on 8/7/11

I always enjoyed coming over and visiting her and everyone, especially at the Halloween party! I will keep the memories that I have shared with everyone!


Dorothy Mayes posted on 8/7/11

May all the good memories you all have of Judy bring you peace and comfort in the days ahead. So glad we got reunited last year at Linda's house and on facebook this year. My prayers and thoughts are with you.


Mary Ellen Reeh posted on 8/6/11

Heather always tells me that we are so alike, the color Yellow and dolls being the two main areas. Wish that I could have met you, I know that she will miss you very, very much. X


Bruce Dorworth posted on 8/5/11

Judy you have gone on to a better place. Say Hi to your mom for me. Bruce and Barb Dorworth


HeatherPowell posted on 8/5/11

I remember mom telling me a story of how she got annoyed with people cause of her middle name. She would tell people her name was Judy Kay Powell and they would say what does the K stand for and she would say it stands for K and they would ask yeah but what does it stand for and she finally got annoyed and yelled K-A-Y Kay and they would say oh she said she got that alot lol


Theresa Adams posted on 8/5/11

Mom & I think alike b/c a few years ago for Christmas we bought each other almost the same exact sweater. We both thought it was hilarious & litlle scary that we think alike.


LaDon (Donnie) D Jones posted on 8/5/11

We really got close in the last ten years. It was a time when we all needed someone, I'm so thankful you was there. I couldn't have asked for a better friend, cook and sister. I'll be thinking of you always. Love ya Sis, you'll always be in my heart.


Vicki Jones posted on 8/4/11

I hadn't seen you for a while till last week. I hope you knew I was there to see you. Clara was talking about you and your mom coming to see you from heave. That is when Jesus fell on the floor so I think our (Leslie) presence was known. You were there when I needed you years ago. You never had a bad work to say about anybody, always a smile. Now yopu can say hi to your mom and mine. You are all healthy now!


Polly Austin posted on 8/4/11

The memories Tara has shared with me shows what wonderful grandmother she was


Kelley Himmelberg posted on 8/4/11

Theresa and family, I am sorry for your loss. You will be reunited some day in heaven and be able to share stories once again of the good times you had together. My prayers and thoughts go out to you and your family.


Theresa Adams posted on 8/4/11

Thank god for Mothers & Grandmothers! I love Mom for always being there for me & the kids. We had become so close in the past 10 years. It was so much fun going on vacations with you. Holidays & Birthdays won't be the same without you. I cherished every minute we had together.You'll be missed!!


Tara Adams posted on 8/4/11

I love you grandma and always will. I remember the time when you baby sat my brothers and me. We weren't allowed to go anywhere but you took us to Toy's R Us anyway. Then we went to B&G Cafe. We saw mom on the bus on her way home, and you told us to get down so she wouldn't see us. I still don't know how, but somehow we managed to get home before mom. That is something I will always remember. I love so much grandma and will miss you, but you are in Heaven now and get to see Elvis. I will see you when I get there. -Tara Adams


CLARA L. JONES ROTHERHAM posted on 8/4/11

TO my dear sister JUDY you were there when i needed you. SISTER (MOM) AND FRIEND. I am so happy that i could be there for you.You have a very gifted and loving daughter Heather she was there every second helping,If she didn.t know how to do something she learned. We had our ups and downs but we always were laughing at the end. You will be missed i know you are in a better place now. Heaven no more pain you said Mom was here to get you.I love you and will miss you . Bye for now i will see you in Heaven some day. LOVE BABY SIS ,CLARA


Heather Powell posted on 8/4/11

I love my mommy with all my heart those last few months taking of my mom were the best gift I ever could have been given I would never trade it for all the world. She was happy to have me her sister Clara and her family by her side every step of the way. I hope you are rockin out to Elvis in Heaven You finally can see him in concert. I love you very much mom and will miss you everyday till you and I meet again in Heaven. Please remember to watch over us mom and make it rain George monkeys so Sammy can have one remember. He wants one. anyways you will be greatly missed love you always.


KORTNEY ROTHERHAM posted on 8/4/11



Jill Sitter posted on 8/4/11

I will miss you with all my heart but find peace knowing you have gone to an amazing eternity with God! You are one of the strongest women I know. Thank you for all you did for me you were like a 2nd mom, a friend and a wonderful Aunt! Love you!