Condolences for Agnes McRoberts

Cheryl McRoberts posted on 10/27/11

Agnes was the very best Mother-in-Law that in the world. Kind and generous, if her children or grandchildren needed something...a poor boy, a visit, a hug...she gave it. We always enjoyed visits from Jack and Agnes, most of which included a meal at a restaurant. Jack would always over order, and while Agnes was still working on her own meal, he would push his plate in front of hers and say, "Here this?" Her response would always be to have the meal wrapped up to go. They would bring it to our home and put it in our refrigerator with the intent to take it with them. Without fail, we would watch them leave, and the next morning, find the meal still with us. I'm still not certain if Jack and Agnes were being consistent or persistent I miss them both so very much.


Kelly Nagel Wilson posted on 10/24/11

With much love, I send heartfelt sympathies to the family. I am so grateful that Aunt Agnes was in town and attended my wedding 13 years ago. Uncle Jack and Aunt Agnes's visits were always a summer highlight and I watched excitedly for the orange VW camper van to pull into my dad's driveway - us kids thought it was the neatest thing! I also loved staying at their house and thought it was really fun to sleep in the bedroom upstairs from the kitchen! I really do miss those summers of all the generations and extended family coming together....


Michelle Nagel Wakefield posted on 10/24/11

Forever in my heart and fond summertime memories. With much love and respect, Michelle Nagel Wakefield