Condolences for Carole “Lita” Lee Scott

Sarah Batta posted on 7/9/12

Lita, I know you were proud of the legacy you left behind. If it weren't for you, none of our family would exist. We were so lucky to have you with us for so long. You taught me so many things, but I feel like I'm still learning from you all the time. I love that I have your cookbooks that you gave me last summer, you wrote in the margins so I didn't want to give them away. I love that you wrote everything down for us to find later and then wonder what you were up to. We miss you everyday, but know we were loved and are loved. You had a special talent for letting people know they were loved. You are always loved and appreciated. I'm so grateful you got to meet Codi, she sticks her tongue out when shes concentrating. :) I promise to show her all of the things you taught us and you'll be proud of the young lady she'll become. Love you so so much Lita. Your Sarah


Cory Mitchelle posted on 5/8/12

Lita, I miss you so much, but I know you are always with us and watching over us. It is comforting to know that you aren't truly gone, you live on in each of us. I still tell you all of my juicy gossip and promise to tell the girls all of our Lita stories and show them the world. I am so incredibly proud and grateful that you are my Lita. All my heart, Cory


Pam Alborg posted on 2/19/12

Carol, (Mrs. Scott), I love you and miss you, and will always remember you. I love the scrap books Jessica and the girls put together, of your trips. You are an inspiration to me. Love always, Pam


Tammy Doyle posted on 2/3/12

I am very honored to have known Lita,she gave me my best friend Jessica.. I loved listening to Jessica stories of traveling with her Mother.Memories will last a life time. My thoughts and prayers are with the family. Love Tammy Doyle


Richard Stanley posted on 2/3/12

Carole (also known as Dona Carolina) and I have been friends for over 30 years. Even though I moved from Springfield long ago I still considered her one of my closest friends. I have never known anyone with such an infectious sense of humor, always tempered with a deep spirituality. (I can just see her entertaining St. Peter right now.) Our mutual interest in travel would keep us talking for hours at a time. I will truly miss her. Your friend always, Ricardo.


Lisa Henderson posted on 2/3/12

Jessica & family: I was so very saddened to hear of the passing of your dear Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother, & friend. Your mother was very proud of you Jess. She was blessed to have you and you her. May you find comfort in fond memories of her spirit. Love, Lisa


TAMI MATTHEWS posted on 2/2/12



Mary Anne Elson posted on 2/1/12

Jessica and family I am so sorry about Carole's passing. I always admired her knowledge and love of theatre. She so enjoyed her many friends. We will miss her cheery smile. I will be out of town on Friday and unable to attend the services. I shall send a contribution to St. Agnes in her memory. My deepest sympathy. Mary Anne Elson


Kathryn Ransom posted on 2/1/12

Please accept my condolences on the death of your mother. Carole was a long time teacher in the reading department of the Springfield Public Schools and it was always a pleasure working with her as together we tried to help our kids become better readers. Kathy


Joyce posted on 2/1/12

So sorry to hear about your Mom. She was such a delight. Dave talks about her visit to the farm and how she just seemed to really enjoy the tour & seeing the cows even though to see it she had to take a bumpy RTV ride. She just was always so vibrant and full of life. When I think of her, I see a person that didn't just look forward to something in the future, she just seemed to also really enjoy the journey of ordinary life along the way. That is something that I certainly could remember to do better. I'm very happy to have had the opportunity to know her, and we are so sorry for your loss.


kristy posted on 2/1/12

I do not know all that words I need, so, I miss and love you Lita..


Briana and family posted on 1/31/12

Looking back over the last 27 years of my life, I learned that being close to your family is so very important. Lita and my grandmother, Barbara, passed on that closeness to my mom and family and in turn, passed it on to my generation. This is family is built on women, strong women; and so, it will stay that way. Thank you, Lita, for helping instill that in my life. I love you and will miss you greatly.


Christi from KC posted on 1/31/12

glad I was apart of her life and there to share the end- Love you all


Hilda Pillers posted on 1/31/12

Jessie, I was saddened to hear of your loss. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.


Kathy Highley posted on 1/31/12

Many memories with you Jess come rushing forward, but the biggest memory of your mom for me is Bebo and her speaking Spanish. It was a treat to watch a midwestern speak so fluently. They had fun. Love you Kathy


Dell Pillers/Cline posted on 1/31/12

Jessie, Special blessings to you and your family during this difficult time. I have so many great memories of hanging out at your house as a teenager. I remember that your mom could be playful, and I remember times when the three of us would laugh until our sides hurt. Surely there's one more star up in the sky tonight. Love, Dell


Robin & John Smith posted on 1/31/12

Now you can continue your travels with Mom - God Bless


Debbie Hatton Richard posted on 1/31/12

I remember being a flower girl in Jessica's wedding in the 70's. I was quite scared to walk in front of so many people and my mother, Pat Hatton, and Carole made sure I was reassured and confident. Afterwards, I felt like a queen so sure of myself after having "walked" down the isle. I couldn't have done it without the help of Cousin Carole. She was such a nice lady and only wish we as a family could have spent more time getting to know her and your family. We've just recently gotten to know Sarah and her husband and new baby. I'm so happy about that. My heart is with you all and know that with time, you'll remember more of the happy wonderful memories you all have of your beloved Lita. She'll never leave your heart. May God bless you all, Debbie & Randy Richard (my mother, Pat Brown Hatton, and Carole are cousins) Houston, Texas Jan. 30, 2012