Condolences for Eugene L. Boos

Stephen Rutledge posted on 12/22/16

Gene was the kindest and most gentle man I ever knew. Even though there was a substantial age difference between us, he always treated me as one of his peers. Gene built and flew a Varieze. In 1978, I decided that I wanted to learn to fly and ultimately fly my father's Varieze. Through Gene's kindness and generosity,he loaned me the usage of his Cessna 150 at no charge and I was thus able to attain my pilot's certification. Once I was certified, Gene and I were the only Varieze pilots in the area. One of my fondest memories was leaving Capital airport as a flight of two Variezes in route to fly-ins located around central Illinois. Our airplanes were always an item of many questions and comments and we both enjoyed the attention that attendees gave us. You will be missed. Rest In Peace my friend!