Condolences for Alice Augusta Barkmeier

Chaplain Chris Nilges posted on 10/20/16

Our hearts go out to you at this time. It has been a real honor to support Alice while she lived at Concordia Village. She loved coming to our Thursday hymn sings and would sing many songs from memory. You will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers in the days to come.


Carol (Versluys) Davis posted on 10/17/16

Julie's friends were all like Alice's kids -- she welcomed us into her home, laughed with us, advised us and always showed such affection for us. We never really know many things about a person until we read an obituary. Alice's nursing, administration, and service to her country were wonderful things I never knew about her. I did, though, know how much she loved her children and the amazing support she gave for each of you to get the very best education. What a great legacy. Love, Carol P.S. Thank you for choosing the Alzheimer's fight in her memory. I was not aware if she suffered from it -- if so, I know you all made sure she had the very best care. It is one of our top charitable interests and we will be proud to give in her memory.


Jan Condon-Strickler posted on 10/17/16

To the Barkmeier Family~ May you find peace and comfort. Turning back the clock the time spent with Julie at the Barkmeier home & Alice about ready to walk out the door but not before she gave us girls "instructions" and made sure we were all OK, vacations at Barky's Lodge in Minn. Alice made sure we got our nightly walk in and she was the leader and we walked briskly! What an wonderful woman with an amazing family!



Chris and Helen Christensen posted on 10/14/16

Sympathy to all of the family. Alice was a wonderful neighbor and dear lady. So sorry for your loss


Pat Sackville posted on 10/13/16

I loved growing up with the entire Barkmeier family and have so many fond memories of this great lady. Pat Gulick Sackville


Ron and Sharon Hanson posted on 10/13/16

What a woman Alice was (and is). It's almost like the end of an era with the passing of Alice Barkmeier. She was a friend to so many people, and a wonderful conversationalist, always engaging and encouraging to others. And generous to a fault! Bless her, bless her memory. She was well lived and well loved.