Condolences for John G. Foley

Debi Hergett Tracy posted on 11/9/14

I'm truly sorry to hear of John's passing. He was my step-nephew for a while and was a great guy. My deepest sympathy to his family.


Sarah Croft posted on 11/8/14

Almost 3 years ago, I was sitting behind my grandma at PopPop's funeral. By this time, many people knew that my grandma was in the intermediate stages of Alzheimer's. I sat there and watched many people pay there respects to my grandfather, turn and see my grandma, and offer a polite smile, simple condolences, even a small pat on her back or arm. I think many people really didnt know what to say to her, not knowing if she really grasped what was happening, or would remember them. It was about half an hour into the visitation, when I noticed a man, tears rolling down his cheeks, get down on his knees next to my grandma, looked her in her eyes and sob. He appologized over and over for her loss, said that "Bob was a great man", and that her and her family would always be in his thoughts and prayers. I gained so much respect for that man that day. He showed dignity, respect, and had no fear in the unknown. Ive always thought this man was a very kind and loving soul, but that day opened my eyes to a whole new level of respect for that man. Today, I have the honor of accompanying my aunt Melaney to this mans memorial service. Its hard to say good bye to such a beautiful soul, but is comforting to know that, when he entered the gates of Heaven, he was, undoubtedly met by PopPop, who, Im sure,saw what he did that day, and is as grateful as we all are to have had him in our lives. John Foley, I will never forget the courage you had in the face of sorrow that day. Nor will I forget the friendship and love you have given my family over the years. Spread your wings and fly in Gods everlasting kingdom. And...give PopPop a big hug for me.


Priscilla Palmer Seay posted on 11/7/14

Dear Lou - I am so sorry to read of Johnny's passing. I know that it has been a long time since you and I last saw each other, but I have not forgotten what a good person and mother you have been all these years. Even though I never had the privilege to meet Johnny, I felt as though I knew him because of all the wonderful things that you had to say about him. Luckily, he never gave you any real problems. Johnny was a good and well-rounded person. He is a son to be proud of and I'm sure that you are proud of him. I notified Ivy and Lorain of Johnny's passing and I hope that you hear from them. I have been married to Jim Seay for almost 29 years now. We are very happy. I hope that I can see you again and talk about fun times. Love, Priscilla Palmer Seay


Bob and Jo Ellen Croft posted on 11/7/14

Our family was so saddened to hear of your passing. We have many fond memories of you. Sincere condolences to your family. You will be truly missed.


Melaney Hughes posted on 11/6/14

It is difficult to say goodbye to a great friend even though we know they are in a better place. Rest in peace John (Foleyman). I will miss you terribly but you will always be in my thoughts. Your many comical moments are fondly remembered every day.