Condolences for James V. Fulginiti

Michael Paparo posted on 10/3/14

My greatest memories of my cousin Jim will always be at the Jersey Shore. Ocean City was our second home and we spent many summer weekends there together. Those memories will always be with me, especially around the dinner table on Saturday night. Off season the memories switch to the Sunday dinner table at our grandmother’s house. My cousin had a voracious appetite, which made an Italian grandmother so proud. His favorite dish, though, was one that my mother, Mary, made quite often: breast of veal, which he affectionately called ponsette. Everyone knew not to get between Jim and his favorite dish. May you rest in the peace and glory of Jesus Christ, my dear cousin, until we meet again.



Megan Barron posted on 10/2/14

Jim made me a mixed CD a few years ago - filled with some of his favorite hits. Listening to Sinatra only sounds sweeter because of him. The sparkle in his eyes is unmatched and his passion for love, life and his family was undeniable. Jim had a way about him. He had such a presence that his absence will forever be noticed. I'm grateful for the memories shared between our families. Rest in peace and keep shining, dear Jim.