Condolences for Elivs J. Tucker

Wakedan posted on 4/8/15

I've been in this business for 30 years and have wrekod for and with some pretty extraordinary people. I'm just sorry that you weren't one of them, Mike. We only had a single interaction about a year or so ago when I called with a request about a meeting for a client with one of your departments. One call and BAM! Done. And done beautifully. So, once more, thank you for that single episode which I raved about to close associates immediately as a sign of who you and the agency are.A very dear friend DOES have a close relationship with the agency and knew of my admiration for you so shared recent news. Seeing THIS website as well as how your beloved agency has responded with We All Love Mike absolutely takes my breath away. It fills me with massive pride for the kind of people our industry DOES have in spades.But it is primarily your gigantic heart and incredible, candor (so generous and KIND) as exemplified in this blog that has had such a powerful impact on this industry peer. I'm very proud of the number of industry heroes I've come to know and admire over the years. What connects them all is that I knew and wrekod CLOSELY with each. You are my LATEST hero. And I don't have to meet or work with you for the lessons you're sharing here to last with me for my lifetime.God bless you, your family and your astonishing agency family. I'm sending every best wish your way and will keep you all in my prayers.