Condolences for William J. Joe Devlin

Jessica posted on 7/11/11

Grandpa (My Buddy), You were, and still are, the light of my life. You always told me that Mom, Jackie, and I brought so much happiness and joy into your life, but I think that it speaks volumes about a the man that you were when everything that I do in life reminds me of a memory of us. I find you in so many places every single day. Knowing that you are still with me gives me so much peace. I found my calling to be a nurse because of you. I knew that I was doing the right thing for a certain reason. On my very first day as a Student Nurse Tech at Barnes Jewish Hospital, I looked at my boss and I said, "What can I do first?" He turned me around, and pointed me towards the door of my very first patient's room. I found myself awestruck when I looked at the patient's name of the door. DEVLIN, it said. Today is the 6 month marker since I began working this job. It's 3a.m. on my night shift and I just admitted a patient to my unit who's features, gestures, and appearance are identical to yours. I can't stay in his room for long because simply being around him sends me into tears. Grandpa, I miss you so so dearly. I hold you in my heart every single day. I love you with my whole heart, and every day that is a tough day and I wonder if I am doing the right thing, I think of two things that you used to tell me: "Grab the bull by the horns" and "You're doin' ok, kid!" Thank you for being the best grandfather, father figure, and best friend that I could have ever had! I love you, My Buddy!


H.W. Devlin posted on 6/16/11

Sorry it has taken me so long, Joe. Rest in peace. I will have a Mass said for you at St. Lukes. H.W.