Planning Ahead

The best time to Plan Ahead? Today.

Planning is a very important part of life. While planning a service can be overwhelming, our family and associates are capable of assisting you through this planning process and making it as simple and as stress free as possible.

Whether you are among the many who have Planned Ahead or among the ones who have not, the planning process is about the same.

We will confirm an arrangement time with you. Information needed may include veteran discharge, power of attorney, clergy, place of worship, and cemetery.

Other considerations are embalming consent for a public viewing, long sleeve with a high neckline and not too sheer clothing, shoes or slippers, and eye wear.

A recent photo for appearance and newspaper, 15 photos for online media and print as well as mementos to display are also needed.

During this time, we will record personal history and other required information for the death certificate, print, and online media.

This may include survivors, deceased family, parents, maiden names, and dates for birth, marriage, and employment.

Also needed are the place of birth, social security number, memberships, hobbies, interests, workplaces, job titles, and even names of pets.

We will secure payment for the final selections by following the payment policy and provide a Statement of Funeral Goods and Services with disclosures.

Why Plan Ahead?

The client families we serve that have planned ahead are much more at ease knowing…

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Planning Ahead Checklist

When a loved one dies, you are grief-stricken and it can be difficult to focus and remember details.

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Get Started

Eliminate uncertainties by planning ahead with Staab. The process will save your family the stress…

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