Memorial Options

Funeral selections. The tribute of generations.

Traditional burial entails choosing both a casket and, if preferred, a vault. We are happy to offer you many different memorial options with our large selection of caskets and vaults in various price ranges. We have special veterans caskets and vaults to commemorate those who served our country, and caskets ordained with angels and Bible verses for those who are more religious. Our staff is knowledgeable on the specific materials and manufacturers and can walk you through the process.

When we assist you in planning your commemorative service, we will explain the selections you’ll make among certain necessary goods. For example, there are many style caskets to choose from, several of which bear decorations that honor a profession, such as law enforcement or military service. Others pay tribute to your loved one’s special interest, like golfing or hunting.

There are choices to be made with respect to cemetery sites, burial vaults, monuments or markers, and other necessary services. Trust us to explain them, and assist with your decisions.