Cremation Options

Creating memories. And keeping them.

Once the memorial service or visitation is complete, you have several memorial options to choose from. Your decision will be based on your family’s faith and personal preferences.

Many families choose traditional in-ground burial, usually with a monument or marker, to honor the person who has died. But there are other choices, such as interment in an above-ground mausoleum, which becomes a perfect place for family members and friends to visit, reflect, and remember.

When planning a cremation service, you’ll be selecting several types of necessary goods and services. For example, you might select a cremation casket for the viewing, if your preferred services include the body present. Or, you’ll review our selection of other types of keepsakes and mementos such as lockets and charm bracelets.

We’re happy to explain all the commemorative choices that are possible with a cremation service. We can also assist in selecting a secure appropriate container to protect the cremated remains before the disposition ceremony.