Funeral Home Near Grandview, IL

Since 1937, we have provided excellent care to families in Grandview and surrounding communities. When you select Staab Funeral Homes for your funeral or memorial service, you entrust us with a great responsibility.  To make sure the families we serve have complete confidence in our services, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of care.

We offer unique, personalized memorial services

We believe that your loved one’s service should honor their life and achievements. At Staab Funeral Homes, we are pleased to offer families in Grandview and surrounding communities endless options to help them create a meaningful tribute to their loved one’s unique life.  We can help you find inspiration almost anywhere – in a song, a hobby, a trademark style, a defining philosophy, a lifelong passion – and turn that inspiration into a memorial service filled with thoughtful and meaningful details.

Whatever level of personalization you want to bring to your loved one’s farewell, we look forward to serving your needs.

Preplanning a Funeral Service

Have you considered preplanning for your funeral? While we understand making these arrangements is not usually a top priority, it can benefit your loved ones in the future. Preplanning reduces the stress on your family and friends. They aren’t forced to make important decisions about your arrangements or left guessing on what you might have preferred. When you preplan all your arrangements are clearly documented. If you preplan with Staab Funeral Homes you can choose to prepay now, which locks in today’s prices.

If you are ready to experience the peace of mind gained from planning ahead, then we are ready to assist you.  The professional staff at Staab Funeral Homes offers exceptional value, quality, and expert guidance during the cremation preplanning stage.

Contact Us

If you are located in the Grandview area and are interested in learning more about our services or have questions, please feel free to contact us at 217.528.6461. We are always ready to help.