Personal Touches for an Unforgettable Tribute

Have you attended a funeral where you felt the family truly captured what made their loved one special? Maybe they had a treasured car or motorcycle parked outside of the funeral home. Maybe the person who died enjoyed a certain type of music and a live band played their favorite songs during the service.

Our staff has helped design all kinds of funerals at our facilities in Springfield and Sherman can tell you that the details make a final farewell memorable. When you choose Staab Funeral Homes, there are many unique touches we can weave throughout the event. Consider these examples that will help you tell the story of your loved one’s life.

Memorial Portrait
We ask the family to select a favorite photo to display in our frames by the register station. Copies will then be given to you to bring home and hang in a special place.

Tribute Video
Using 30-50 favorite photos (hard copies or digital), we will create a tribute video to be shown during the visitation or gathering service, or as a private remembrance for your family. If you would like the photos to appear in a particular order, simply write a number on the back. We can also link the video to the web so other family and friends can see it and get copies of pictures, if desired.

Tribute Release
We can include our tribute balloon release for the service, committal, or private family gathering. Other releases are also available.

No matter how you choose to personalize your service, know we are always here to answer your questions and meet your wishes to create a special tribute to your loved one.



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