“Healing Spirit of Abraham Lincoln.”

The Staab Family is a proud supporter of the effort to recreate President Abraham Lincoln’s Hearse that carried him to his final place of honor in Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield, Illinois.  Our Family thought it was of great importance to become a part of this special project to honor our 16th President.

By embracing the 2015 Lincoln Funeral Re-enactment, we are creating an opportunity to re-claim the value of funeral service and the value of the funeral procession.

President Lincoln had the largest funeral to date with an estimated eight million people participating in or witnessing the procession as it traveled across the country to its final stop in Springfield, Illinois.  As the work continues to recreate this special funeral event, we hope people will remember the responsibility and obedience President Lincoln had to the people of this country.

We hope the Staab Family mission to “Remember, Educate & Heal” resonates with others…as the world is not aware that it will be reconnected once again to the “Healing Spirit of Abraham Lincoln.”



Marylin McDevitt says:

Is the hearse on display somewhere? My granddaughter is a Lincoln buff and would love to see the hearse.
Thanks for doing this project for the people of Illinois


Stay tuned to our account on Facebook and like us for updates on where the Hearse will be. Also if you check in on our Calendar page: http://www.staabfuneralhomes.com/calendar/ it has the events it will be at. Next one is in April! Thanks for your comment.

marilyn north says:

I am responding because our ancestors, Jesse and Anderson Arnot owned the livery stable in St. Louis, Mo during the 1850’s and 60’s (perhaps beyond) and were the original owners of the hearse that carried Lincoln from the train station in Springfield, Illinois to the cemetery for burial. There is an Arnot cemetery plot in Bellefontaine Cemetery, St. Louis, MO. During a trip there we were able to talk with the cemetery superintendent and he shared printed newspaper and book documents describing the involvement of the Arnot brothers with their hearse for the Lincoln funeral. We did find out that the original hearse was distroyed in a livery stable fire in 1888. Thought you and your daughter might be interested.

Beth Metcalf says:

We were lucky enough to see the Lincoln Hearse at the Presidential Museum. What a beautiful piece of craftsmanship! I have seen the digital presentation of the making of the Lincoln Hearse on the website. Is this text available as a text in print by any chance? If so, please contact me about price and how to order. Thank you.

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